How To Keep A Check On Pain While Getting Inked

Want to get inked but the fear of pain and agony keeping you away? Well, fret not, as here we would let you in on the various secret tips and tricks that you can follow to minimize the suffering, including how a numbing cream can be useful, and get the tattoo of your dreams, all while being comfortable. So, let’s start

Pain Mitigation

If you think getting an injection is dreadful enough, getting a tattoo can be worse if you do not follow these tricks. They would help reduce the pain that you experience while getting inked. Some of these are

  • Get a good night’s sleep: Before getting a tattoo, it is highly advisable that you are rested well, and have received proper sleep the night before. The primary reason behind this is the fact that getting inked entails sitting in the studio chair for a very long period of time. If someone isn’t well rested, they may experience fatigue, cramps, and an overall irritable mood. Now, none of these would contribute positively to reducing the pain but only intensify it. Resting well would also help you deal with and be mentally prepared for the session as well.
  • Use a numbing cream: These are specifically designed creams that can numb out the location of the inking for a certain period of time so that you do not feel the intense pain inking causes. Numbing cream’s TKTX can safely be considered the best tattoo numbing cream since they not only provide a deep numbing effect but also ensures that the effect lasts for a very long period of time. Ask your tattoo artist and they would guide you through the application process efficiently. The cream can also be used as an aftercare tool, so it would be wise to order some and keep them on hand so that you can execute the proper care to ensure that your tattoo heals fast, all while looking amazing in the process.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking a considerable amount of water can help you stay hydrated during the inking process. This step is essential since it helps keep the skin hydrated, thus reducing the pain that occurs while getting inked.
  • Stay sober: It is a good idea to keep off the booze before getting inked. Although you may be under the impression that getting high would reduce the sensation of pain, that isn’t actually true as alcohol thins out our blood, thereby intensifying the sensation to a greater degree. Also, getting high may affect our state of alertness, and being tipsy may actually result in getting injured. Most tattoo artists won’t work on someone who is in an inebriated state.
  • Try to schedule a morning appointment: Although this might mean cutting short our sleep for a day, there’s actually a very solid reason behind availing of this. Our adrenaline levels are at their peaks during the initial hours of the day. This hormone helps us mask our pain, thus would be allowing us to deal with the pain in a much more effective manner.
  • Eat before getting inked: The combination pain and hunger pangs won’t be a nice experience. We might get irritable at best, and would pass out. To avoid this, it is always advisable that you load up before going to get inked.
  • Pop a NON-ASPIRIN pain reliever: If the fear is freaking you out, you might even consider taking a painkiller, although make sure that it doesn’t have aspirin. This is especially important since aspirin acts as a thinning agent, and that is an absolute no-no while getting inked as that would just exaggerate the problem at hand.
  • Avoid wriggling: Although this may seem too much to ask for, wriggling or squirming a lot during the tattoo session won’t just distract the artist, thereby lengthening the duration but may also cause injuries. Now that is something no one desires for.
  • Try distracting yourself: This may seem counter-intuitive, but hear us out. Watching a movie or soothing songs during the inking process can help take your mind off the pain. This would also help you calm your nerves to a certain extent, and the rest of the pain mitigation can be effectively performed by a numbing cream.
  • Try to relax: Once you reach the parlour, place your feet down, stretch, and get comfortable. A relaxing and comfortable posture can help the mind deal with the pain to a certain extent.
  • Take breaks: Although this may elongate the inking process slightly, this would help your body get accustomed to the pain, and you can admire your tattoo at the same time. Taking a break would also help you interact freely with your tattoo artist, and discuss the rest of the tattoo.

Final take:

We, at numbing cream, bring to you the best tattoo numbing cream that won’t just help tackle the pain effectively but also act as an aftercare agent. Be rest assured, our creams would ensure a pain-free inking session that you would cherish forever.