Getting Inked? Consider These Spots To Get Your First Tattoo

For someone who has decided to get inked for the first time, the process can be pretty daunting if they do not follow the proper procedures involved and make the appropriate choices. Although the process can be a particularly painful one, selecting a spot that would inflict the least agony would help make the overall procedure that much easier.

Our body’s mechanism performs in quite a complex manner when it comes to pain reception, and one area may perceive pain differently from the other. Across our blogs, we have recommended selecting a spot that would inflict the least amount of pain, especially if you are a novice in this field. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the common inking spots around the world, and their pain perception capabilities. A tattoo numbing cream from TKTX would help mitigate the pain greatly. But, there’s a catch, there are a few different varieties of TKTX numbing cream that are available on the market, and thus, deciding on one can be particularly difficult. This is an issue that we will be addressing here. So, let’s start.

The Pain Spots

Well, almost each and every corner of our bodies would experience some sort of pain when pierced or cut. As a rule of thumb, one can say that the spots that have a comparatively lower flesh mass between the skin and the bone would experience a higher degree of pain and vice versa, but there are exceptions to this theory as well. 

  • The Head and Face: If you are someone who is getting inked for the very first time, absolutely avoid getting one on the head or the face, as they are some of the most pain-sensitive regions of the human body. Applying a numbing cream can help reduce or remove the pain, but that depends greatly on the type of cream that is being used. The TKTX green numbing cream can prove to be a good option for anyone who is looking to get their head or face inked since this provides the strongest numbing effect there is. The green cream contains the highest saturation of active ingredients with a 7% lidocaine concentration. For anyone who wants a virtually painless tattoo experience, this is it. This cream can be used for other piercings as well, and the numbing effect can effectively last for 3-6 hours. 
  • Biceps, Ribs, Palms, Fingers, Genitals, Armpit, Lower Back: Following closely behind the aforementioned in the department of pain, these parts of our body are strongly susceptible to pain and can cause a lot of anguish when pierced. Most of the people who are in for an inking prefer these spots for the tattoo as they are some of the most prominent areas of the human body. If you are someone who is going to get his/her first tattoo, then you should definitely consider getting a really strong numbing cream like the TKTX Green when the session is going to be a lengthy one. For relatively simple tattoos, one can even opt for the gold variant of tktx numbing cream as that delivers a different degree of freshness, a numbing effect that is quite similar to the green variant but lasts for only about four hours. 
  • Elbow, Rear Leg, Chest: When it comes to getting inked for the very first time, the pain factor bugs people a lot. These body parts are comparatively less susceptible to pain, thereby making the entire journey that much more relaxed and comfortable. But being less susceptible doesn’t imply total protection from pain, and although lower, a certain degree of pain would be experienced. To help these situations, one can opt for the TKTX red, black, or white tattoo creams. They aren’t as strong as the green or gold ones, and are quite modest in their durational capabilities as well, providing a numbing effect of around 3-4 hours. The standard numbing effect is adequate for piercings as well. 
  • Calf, Ankle, Arm, Wrist: If you are someone who is going to get their first tattoo, you should consider starting with one of these. Statistically, these regions are the least susceptible to pain, and by opting for these, you would be getting a good start to your inking journey as well. Since these regions are relatively well-suited to pain, the TKTX blue tattoo numbing cream would be adequate. This cream is good for small tattoos and provides an effective numbing effect of about 2 hours, which should be more than adequate in these cases. 

If you are looking to get inked, following the aforementioned guide can prove to be beneficial for you. Now, let us take a look at the difference between tktx numbing cream and tattoo aftercare cream, and how they can help improve the overall inking experience. 

Now, numbing creams are the ones that are applied before the inking session to deliver the numbing effect, but when it comes to a tattoo healing cream or a tattoo aftercare cream, they are used after the inking procedure is over, and their main purpose is alleviating pain, redness, swelling, etc. and help the skin deal with the trauma that it experiences while getting inked.

Final take: 

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